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The Merkur Club of America is a nationwide, independent, non-profit association of owners and enthusiasts dedicated to the preservation, and enjoyment, of the Merkur Scorpio and XR4Ti automobiles.  The goal of the club is to provide Merkur owners with the opportunity to participate in organized events throughout the year, and online resources to help them to more fully enjoy their cars.




The Merkur 33rd Anniversary Celebration!

Carlisle Ford Nationals

 June 1-3 2018

  Watch HERE for Event Info!






Innovation Award
Tomi "Nemo" Blades  86


2017 MCA Awards

A team of judges led by Saul Rivkin gave up their time on Saturday to walk the show-field in the intense sun, seeking out noteworthy Merkurs and meeting their owners.

Award winners received their awards during a ceremony at the Merkur Club Awards reception held at the Radisson, Camp Hill.




Freundschaft entlang der strasse (Friendship along the road):
Russ Harness

Merkur Preservation Awards

Mario Prisc         

Joe Kemp        


Best in Show Scorpio
Saul Rivkin for his  '89 Scorpio

Best in Show XR
Sean O'Connor 

Rapido's Choice Award
Sean O'Connor 

Auto X

Stock - Jim Gosses '86 XR4TI

Modified - Jeremy Kemp


Special thanks go out to the judges and to all the award winners for a spectacular showing of Merkurs.

Pictures are posted on Facebook or courtesy of Paul West on Picasa 

Click here for more Awards info

Most Enjoyed Merkur(s)
Bart Dysuk




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